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Now, as is obvious these aren't the site's official rules when it comes to review making. They are simply a list of guidelines that I use when writing reviews, and could possibly help you to write better, more constructive reviews. Feel free to comment on the list, or state what could be added to the list as well.

The review section is not a place for you to spew your idiotic hatred, nor be a smug dick. Even if your review is helpful, if you are being stuck up, or just a general ass in the review, people will not like it, and you will definitely be frowned upon. You are there to leave a review based on how you feel the author could improve their skill, and make their future entries better. If you have nothing constructive, or nice to say, don't click the "Write a Review" button, as it is for people that either understand what they are talking about, or have something helpful to say.

We all enjoy reading reviews that inform the author that you loved their submission, but honestly the same thing could be achieved by giving the author a PM with praise. If you plan to write a review, don't fill it up with silly worship of the author or his work. While it is a good thing to compliment the author's work, as it encourages them to keep going, the review section is for REVIEWS of the CONTENT submitted by the author. If you aren't going to tell the author what they could improve upon, or what parts you want them to keep, then send the person a PM.

While your review doesn't necessarily have to be long enough to fill up all the available characters in the review box, it does need to at least have some thought put into it. If you are going to write a review, put some thought into it, organize it, and make it long enough that the author will notice it among the other smaller reviews. It is also helpful to remember that sometimes if your review has negative opinions, but doesn't elaborate on how the author could improve upon what you see as bad, you could have your review deleted and be banned.

This is a must in review writing. It doesn't matter what the flash is, or who the author that made it is, if you are writing a review to be helpful, you must use proper grammar, spelling, punctuation, etc. Not only does an intelligent, well thought out review help the author, it also makes you look very professional, and respectable. People seem more ready to get along with you if they see you can form a coherent sentence.

Reviewing Tips
1. Be nice, even if the flash is done horribly wrong and should be deleted.
2. Compliment the author on their effort, even if the flash is horrible.
3. Try not to "converse" in your review, such as asking questions and so fourth.

Flag the review if it meets the following criteria:

- It makes a personal insult towards the author.
- Is not on the topic of the submission being reviewed.
- Has one word that isn't nice or kind such as "lol" "lmao" or "rofl", despite the score.
- Promotes something, such as an outside website.
- Floods the review space with long strings of characters.
- Says "This should be blammed" or something similar.
- Says "This is stolen" or something similar.
- Addresses another person's review. Even if it is just a passing "The guy before me"
- Says that it doesn't belong on the front page, or shouldn't be featured in a special section of the website.


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